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Taxis are, undoubtedly, the safest and most convenient way to travel around Lima. Although finding a cab will not be hard, there are a few things to keep in mind before hopping into one. More than half of the taxis in Lima are unregulated, so when offered or hailing a cab, first check if they are yellow or have checkers on the side. Keep an eye out for a license number painted on the side of the vehicle, as well as a SETAME sticker on the windscreen. Official taxis can be found at taxi stands or be called by phone. Rush hours, Sundays, public holidays, early mornings and late at night tend to be more pricey. Also, since they don't have taximeters, fares should ALWAYS be negotiated beforehand. Here are a few taxi services in Lima: TaxiReal Avenida Sánchez Carrión 615 Of. 501, Jesús María +51 1 215 14 14 Easy Taxi App Taxi Satelital App

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