19 Ultimate Things to Do in Alaska

Big and beautiful, there’s so much to do in the 49th state. Here are just a few of the highlights.

Few places inspire the same level of awe as Alaska. With breathtakingly beautiful and unspoiled wilderness, towering, snow-capped peaks, and prodigious wildlife, it’s a place that inspires big dreams and epic adventures. While it’s a Mecca for powder-hounds, fishermen, hikers, campers, and general outdoor enthusiasts, it’s also a place with culturally rich cities and delightfully quirky towns, where artists, foodies, and history buffs all feel equally welcome. The state is vast–if you superimpose Alaska over the continental U.S., its northern coast would cover much of the Midwest, the southern panhandle would extend into Florida and the islands that make up the Aleutian Chain would start in Texas and end tickling the San Francisco Bay. With so much area to cover and so many opportunities for one-of-a-kind adventures, it can be hard to decide where to start. Consider this a guide to get you going.

10 Real Disney Theme Parks That Were Plannedbut Never Built

In an alternate universe, you could be traveling to Niagara Falls or Houston for your annual Disney pilgrimage.

Despite a few opening-day hiccups, Disneyland was considered a success from the very start. According to Disney author and historian Aaron H. Goldberg, “Most people saw Disneyland and loved it, but Walt saw the  shortcomings and he wanted to give it another shot.” Walt was proud of his Anaheim, California, park but there were a few things he wished he’d done differently. Namely, more of a buffer from the “real world,” more control over the land, and more room to expand. In Goldberg’s new book, Buying Disney’s World: The Story of How Florida Swampland Became Walt Disney World, he details not only how Walt attempted to rectify those shortcomings with his second park in Orlando, Florida, but also the many projects that were almost built in its place. We’ve thrown in a few other never-built Disney projects so you can play a little game of Disney “what if?” and imagine a world where you were riding Pirates of the Caribbean in St. Louis, Missouri, or dancing at a Disney nightclub in Dallas, Texas. Here are 10 Disney projects that never left the land of fairy tales.

Don’t Listen to People Who Tell You Not to Go to Chicago’s South Side. Visit These 10 Must-See Spots

The South Side of Chicago isn’t the “danger zone” many have painted it out to be. It’s full of hardworking people, rich history, and awesome restaurants.

When tourists inquire about visiting Chicago, they’re almost always met with warnings and negative connotations about the South Side of the city. Many of these neighborhoods are only recognized when tragedy is in the headline, prompting conversations that begin with “Don’t go there! It isn’t safe.” But Chicago’s allure stretches farther than Millennium Park and its fancy Lake Shore Drive highrises. I think that now is as good a time as any to talk about how the South Side is the flavor in the melting pot of Chicago. Here are some must-see spots that are sure to spice up your next Windy City visit.

32 Ultimate Things to Do in Oahu

Get the most out of your Hawaii vacation with our best-of-the-island list.

To fully appreciate the multi-faceted paradise that is Hawai’i would take a lifetime–but that doesn’t mean its mystical, fragrant beauty can’t be experienced in a week. The most populous of the eight Hawai’i islands, Oahu is a good place to start. From the crashing surf breaks of the North Shore to the tangy sweetness of the Lilikoi fruit gracing menus, majestic volcano ranges, and azure-hued bays where Hawaiian sea turtle, manta rays, dolphins, and monk seals happily inhabit, there is much to love about this idyllic urban island.