20 Ultimate Things to Do in Mexico City

The top things to do, see, and eat in Mexico’s capital city.

An underrated destination, Mexico City should be added to your bucket list. While many people solely think about Mexico through the sepia filter used in ‘90s movies about the country, Mexico City is a modern wonder and it’s time to see it filter-free. Many people come to Mexico City for the food and they are not wrong—the dining in the city is divine, and from street food to five-star dining, you’ll find everything you want here. Note: Attractions (like the Anthropology Museum) that are currently closed without an expected opening date are not included in this guide.

The 10 Dreamiest Hotels in the Greek Islands

No need to pinch yourself!

There exist few more breathtaking natural landscapes than those found in the Greek Islands. From remote sandy beaches inviting you into tepid turquoise waters to white-washed hilltop villages revealing centuries-old traditions. The feeling of Greece is unique. Having visited over 15 islands, many belonging to the Cyclades in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, allow me to introduce you to the stays that top my list. Is there a better way to island-hop in Greece than through dreamy properties that provide the ideal setting for your adventure?

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes I Did. My 20 Biggest Vanlife Regrets

Helping you be more prepared for vanlife than I was.

I was wildly misinformed about vanlife. When I cashed in on my van-dwelling dreams, I had visions of awe-inspiring road trips, showering outside immersed in nature, and epic sunrise views framed by my billowing curtains and van doors. Like camping but way more comfortable, paired with the freedom to pick up and move at will. This overly-romanticized version of vanlife does happen on occasion. But the bulk of vanlife is rugged, complicated, frustrating, and chock-full of chores. I’m no stranger to uncomfortable travel. But vanlife brought a whole new meaning to the word “unglamorous.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret choosing to live in a van, but these are 20 things that I do regret about vanlife.

12 Underrated Countries for Solo Travelers to Explore

Spots so magical you’ll be glad to explore without distractions.

Once accompanied with pitiful looks, expensive single-person supplements, and a glance of concern, the art of exploring without company now comes with a growing fan base of avid solo travelers. Plenty of the most memorable trips happen when you’re free to venture between places at the drop of a hat, without worrying about sticking to schedules or making sure everyone involved is satisfied. It’s time to join the world’s coolest travel club: one that throws open the blinds to an entire spectrum of opportunities, from days spent sampling street food and wandering the streets of a new city, through to mountain hikes, rainbow-hued national parks, and endless tribes of soon-to-be-new-friends in pockets all over the globe. Wave goodbye to waiting around for travel companions and say hello to passport stamps, tongue-twister foreign phrases, and the knowledge that everywhere is awaiting your arrival. Read on for 12 of the world’s most underrated spots for solo travelers.