12 Reasons to Take a Cruise Over Any Other Type of Trip

From onboard entertainment to private islands, there are tons of reasons to book a cruise instead of a regular vacation.

Whether solo, as a couple, or with your kids of any age, there are countless benefits of travel. A cruise is a unique way to vacation and as such, presents a unique set of opportunities and experiences not usually available on other types of trips. Here are 12 reasons why you should take a cruise instead of traveling on land.

12 Best Italy Destinations to Vacation Like a Local

From windswept beaches to mountainside towns, there is much to see in Italy beyond Rome and Venice. Do as the Italians do and head to these hidden gems.

Just as it has in many countries, the pandemic has boosted domestic travel in Italy. This summer, expect to hobnob with local Italians as you follow in their footsteps down well-worn paths and head for unspoiled beaches and charming towns less frequented by the tourist crowds. With secluded seaside resorts, mountain getaways, tranquil lakeside luxury, and bustling cities—Italy’s varied destinations mean there is a place to meet everyone’s style and budget. From the snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites in the Sicilian islands in the south, take the Italians’ lead and explore just some of the many gems that Italy has to offer.

12 Books That Traumatized the Hell out of Us as Kids

This is more than just some Goosebumps.

YA, they said. Great for children, they said. We all have that one book that scared us so bad it’s now a core memory. Maybe you found it tucked away in your middle school library. Or maybe your fifth-grade class read it out loud–popcorn style–glossing over disturbing, chilling scenes in monotone voices. But you noticed them. And to this day, you can’t forget them. These are stories that got under our skin and still haunt us.

How Ukraine Underwent a Hipster Revolution

What I see is that the younger Ukrainians no longer feel the special bond with Russia the way their parents have felt. They grew up with their own language, culture, and idols.