This Might Be America’s Most Fascinating Road Trip

From Mississippi to Chicago, the Blues Highway honors both music history and the complicated past of the deep South.

It’s often said that America’s number one export is its culture, and American music is no exception. From gospel to hip-hop to rock and roll, American sound is found worldwide but has roots in the deep South. The foundation of American music is said to have started with the blues, a unique sound that combined the rhythm of work songs with the soulfulness found in spirituals. The blues were a product of the South’s formerly enslaved people and reflect the violence, injustice, and inequality that plagued the Black community over the decades. The South is dotted with places that have strong ties to the blues and teach the history of American music. The easiest way to take them all in is by traveling from Mississippi to Tennessee and up to Illinois along Highway 61, also known as the Blues Highway.

Move Here Now! These 7 Cities Are Best Prepared for Climate Change

No city is 100% climate-proof.

Extreme weather events have become the new norm, the World Meteorological Organisation says. Melting glaciers, flooding cities, relentless wildfires, and unbearable heat waves are always in the news. The threats of climate change are impacting every country in the world, but places will be disproportionately affected—cities in coastal areas will face more flooding, while some regions will have to deal with terrible air quality, forest fires, and water crises. Cities will become inhabitable and people will lose their homes and livelihoods. Lesser developed nations and low-income groups in every country will be most vulnerable.  On the contrary, there are places that will fare better (relatively). There are also many places in the world that are already taking action against climate change and making policies to mitigate the risks. In this article, we’ll focus on the world’s most climate-resilient cities and what they’re doing to prepare for the worst.  If you’re living in a city that’s going to look very different in the next couple of decades, then perhaps it makes sense to follow climate news more obsessively and vote for leaders who will work to prevent catastrophes. A report by the World Bank predicts that 140 million people could be displaced due to climate change and they would have to migrate within their countries’ borders by 2050. 

10 Important World War II Sites That All Travelers Should Experience

A WWII guide for travelers.

It’s not easy to read gruesome details of World War II. It was the deadliest conflict in history, resulting in between 70-85 million deaths worldwide. These are not mere numbers—these are people who were sent to concentration camps to be killed; soldiers and prisoners of war who bravely fought; civilians, including the elderly and children, who were caught in the crossfires.  There are war memorials and museums around the world to share stories of noble sacrifices and heroic acts, but they also serve as reminders of the worst we’re capable of: turning against our neighbors and destroying each other. The lessons from WWII are important, as are these memorials, museums, and sites that relay that humanity has gone through terrifying times—lest we forget.    RELATED STORY 10 Former Japanese Detention Camps You Need to Visit in the United States  

What’s the Best Craft Beer City in the U.S.? We Look at 18 Hot Spots

These breweries really raise the bar. (Sorry.)

“Craft beer” is just that — it’s a “craft.” And creating craft beer is like any other form of art, mixed with science. Certain cities in the U.S. just seem to have a bit of extra creativity when it comes to brewing fantastic beers (maybe creativity, science, and beer drinking go hand in hand?). From Southern California to Central New York and everywhere imaginable in-between, here’s a lineup of some of America’s Best Brewtowns to plan a happy (and hoppy) vacation getaway.  

These 8 Places in America STILL Dont Have Safe Drinking Water

Millions don’t have access to clean water.

Have you ever turned on the tap and watched brown, sludgy water coming out of the faucet? The residents of Flint, Michigan, faced the ordeal back in 2014 when lead from corroded, aging water pipes leaked into the drinking supply. It got a lot of media attention, but it’s far from being a one-off case. Many communities in the U.S. are facing such water crises—their supplies are contaminated with arsenic, lead, and chemicals. In fact, a study published in 2018 revealed that from 1982-2015, 9-45 million people got water from a source that violated the Safe Drinking Water Act. The lack of access to clean water disproportionately affects minorities and lower-income groups. These are the people who are unable to keep the water running in their homes when the bills go up and they can’t afford to buy bottles of water when the tap runs dry. INSIDER TIPIf you notice a fishy smell or metallic taste from tap water, get it tested by a state-certified laboratory and file a complaint with your public water system company.  

12 Ways to Have Incredible Date Nights at Disney

These date night ideas will take Disney from the most magical place to the most passionate place on earth.

Disney parks are probably most well known as family-friendly vacation spots where you can get virtually any food in the shape of Mickey’s head, but they can be pretty romantic too. When you enter Disney’s gates, you leave the real world for one of make-believe and fantasy. It’s a world where two dogs can fall in love over a plate of spaghetti, and ladies lose their shoe at the end of the night for reasons other than having one too many drinks. We can’t promise you’ll find your one true love, but we can promise you’ll have a great time on these magical Disney date nights.