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Bicycle Travel

Berlin is a great city for biking. Particularly in summer, you can get just about anywhere you want by bike. The extensive network of bike paths is generally marked by red pavement or white markings on the sidewalks (when you’re walking, try to avoid walking or standing on bike paths if you don’t want to have Berlin cyclists, known for their high speeds, ring their bells at you). Many stores that rent or sell bikes carry the Berlin biker's atlas, and several places offer terrific bike tours of the city. Fat Tire is a well-respected company that runs bike tours in many European cities, including Berlin.

The same traffic laws apply to bicyclists as motorists, and the police have been known to give out tickets to violators.

Bicycle Information

Fahrradstation. Fahrradstation rents bikes for €15 per day (12 hours) or €35 for three days. Bring ID and call for its other locations. Dorotheenstr. 30, Mitte, Berlin, Berlin, 10117. 0180/510–8000;


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