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Bus and Tram Travel

To use public transportation in Melbourne, you need a ticket called a Myki (a stored-value smart card). It can be purchased (A$6 for the card itself) at 7-Eleven stores, train stations, vending machines at major tram stops, and the Melbourne Visitors Centre at Federation Square. Each time you enter a train station, or hop on a tram or bus, you must touch the Myki card to a validator. The standard two-hour fare of A$3.76 is activated the first time you touch on, and you can change between any bus, tram, or train during this period. Daily travel is capped at two, two-hour fares (A$7.52), at which point you can travel as much as you like without extra charge. Trams run until midnight (1 am on Friday and Saturday) and can be hailed wherever you see a green-and-white tram-stop sign.


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