10 Bizarre Incidents That Caused Flight Delays

Animals were involved in the making of this list.

This summer, airlines had to cancel and delay flights because of staff shortages, but flight delays are nothing new. They’re often caused by the usual suspects: bad weather conditions, mechanical problems, and scheduling issues with the crew or the aircraft. But there are times when flights are delayed for bizarre reasons and that’s fodder for headlines the next morning (and Twitter threads moments later). Let’s have a look at some of these incidents, in no particular order of weirdness (and not counting unruly behavior due to mask mandates). 

From Prehistoric Animals to Elvis: Explore 10,000 Years of History on This U.S. Road Trip

A drive down this parkway will take you to Elvis’ birthplace, stunning trails, and even an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee.

The 444-mile scenic Natchez Parkway follows one of the oldest trails in North America. Prehistoric animals first cleared the ground on route to find new grazing land, Native Americans including Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Natchez tribes, as well as other Indigenous peoples all followed in their footsteps to hunt big game, and early European explorers and colonists and American colonists used the trail as a trade route. Today, the National Scenic Byway links Natchez, Mississippi, with Nashville, Tennessee. Along the way, the two-lane byway gives drivers a chance to pull off the road and meander through 10,000 years of American history.

Escape the Crowds in These 10 Magical Italian Villages

From haunted caves to stunning views, these under-the-radar villages are Italy’s best-kept secret.

Forget the glamour and grandeur of Rome, Florence, and Venice. Italy is dotted with thousands of small rural villages unknown even to local Italians. These small towns are more than just picturesque; they’re quirky with a magic allure. These idyllic and bucolic spots are ideal in times of COVID because of their remoteness and tendency to draw fewer crowds. But, beyond being an off-the-radar destination, the following Italian villages boast delicious food, extraordinary landscapes, and even intriguing legends.

Here’s Your Moment of Zen: Literally Just 10 Stunning Grecian Sunsets

Give your brain a gentle massage with these dreamy Grecian sunsets.

Every day we get a few stunning minutes to savor the explosive magentas, pinks, and purples of a sunset. And while gorgeous sunsets can be found all over the world, nobody does them quite like Greece. From the iconic blue domes of Paros and Santorini to the towering castle walls of Old Town, Rhodes, majestic glimmers of cotton-candy sky can be found all over the islands. Daydreaming yet? Plot your next escape (or just savor a few minutes of sunset-porn) with these ten Greecian sunsets.

Heres How U.S. Theme Parks Are Doling Out Tricks (and Treats) For Halloween 2021

We hope you’ve been practicing your best “final girl" scream for these daunting and haunting theme park attractions.

Most people visit amusement parks to ride roller coasters, take pictures with their favorite costumed characters, and eat too much sugar. If you show up looking for those things during Halloween…you might be in for a terrifying surprise. The parks on this list trade in their typical whimsical personas for something a bit more sinister when Halloween-time rolls around. The haunted houses, monsters hiding in the shadows, and edgy live shows featured at most of these parks are definitely not PG-rated, but there are a few family-friendly events are lurking on this list, too. Think you can handle it? Here are the most chilling amusement park Halloween events around the U.S.

I’ve Searched the World for the Perfect Cinnamon Bun. Seriously

Whether they’re too sweet, thickly iced, or lacking enough cinnamon, finding a good cinnamon bun—or kanelbullar—is no easy feat.

When I was young, I had a Swedish stepmother who left me with a lifelong craving for kanelbullar, Swedish cinnamon buns. Yes, many places do cinnamon buns, but for my liking, they are either thickly iced, too sweet, not yeasty enough, or never have enough cinnamon. Only the traditional Scandinavian buns do. It looks like I am not entirely alone in my love for the sticky cinnamon buns. Did you know there is an International Day of the Kanelbulle every October 4th? My longing for a cinnamon bun with my coffee very much feeds into the concept of Fika, often translated from Swedish into English as a coffee and cake break. But really, Fika is an experience that involves stepping away from your day-to-day life, taking time for yourself or a friend, and consciously enjoying a relaxed break any time of day. Having a kanelbulle in hand only helps you achieve Fika that much more. My temporary Swedish family—made up of my stepmother, Helen, and my step-grandparents, Wille and Jøje— introduced me to kanelbullar when I was a young kid, around age eight or nine. Those delectable Swedish cinnamon buns, all yeasty and rolled into a snail shape with cinnamon inside and coarse sugar sprinkled on the top, were a revelation to me. The few summers and winters I spent in Sweden swimming in lakes and learning to ice-skate was always sprinkled with the smell and taste of a still-warm kanelbulle. Being a travel writer and serial ex-pat, I have been lucky enough to live in many countries, on three continents, and two hemispheres as a result of following my husband around the globe for his work. Each time I arrive in a new place, I see if they have a decent kanelbullar in town.